Friday, February 28, 2003
Weblog Tools

I have been looking for other weblog tools (big surprise) and found this overwhelming list of various blogging tools. I noticed several commenting systems for Blogger that I hadn't seen before. Since a lot of people have been having trouble with their comments I thought I would pass that on. I guess I'll stick with Haloscan for now, since this is, hopefully, only temporary.


In case anyone finds their way here...

I wasn't going to post on this blog anymore but Reflections in D minor is seriously screwed and I have no idea how to fix the problem. I tried to start a new backup blog on blogger and since I'm already paying for hosting I thought I ought to have it on my server instead of Blogspot but I can't even do that. This is what I ended up with.

Right now I'm feeling very incompetent, discouraged and depressed. I really HATE having to ask other people for help. I know that it's nobody's job to hold my hand. Non-geeky people like me have no business even having websites I suppose but tools like Blogger and MT make it so simple - and tempting - until there's a problem. I have two questions before I give up entirely.

1. HOW are you supposed to create a new blog that is NOT on Blogspot. Make it very simple, very detailed. Remember you are talking to a complete idiot.

2. What does this Moveable Type error mean? Is there anything that a complete idiot can do to fix it?

Can't call method "title" on an undefined value at lib/MT/App/CMS.pm line 2146.