Friday, June 27, 2003
Hey! I just thought I'd check out the new Blogger, even though I don't use this blog anymore except to look up old stuff in the archives - when they're working!

From what I've seen trying to read other blogs Blogger still has some work to do. They stil load too slowly (or not at all) and the @#%&*! permalinks still don't work on most blogs.

Anyway...my blog is HERE now. It's been working fine for months now. I just realized my last post here was rather gloomy. I should have put something else up a long time ago letting people know the move was finally successful.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Comments are back so go ahead....comment!

Still nothing new on my MT problem so I have been looking around for something else. I will problably set up a test blog later today. Stay tuned.

Art in the 1930's

Friedrich at Two Blowhards has posted several examples of paintings from the 1930s. My favorites are the first abstract painting and both of the two landscapes.