Monday, January 07, 2013
Sorry I haven't posted here in years. My current blog is Violins and Starships.

Thursday, February 23, 2006
Well, I see this old thing is still here. I'm glad. there's some good stuff in the archives that I wouldn't want to lose. I guess I should save it just in case, huh? Anyway... I notice that almost 10 people a day find their way here so I thought I should let everyone know that I'm here now. I hope that will be the last time I change locations.

UPDATE: And now I'm here

Friday, March 12, 2004
Hey there!

I notice a few people are still finding this site. More than a dozen a day... wow. So, for anyone who finds this, the current site is HERE.

Friday, June 27, 2003
Hey! I just thought I'd check out the new Blogger, even though I don't use this blog anymore except to look up old stuff in the archives - when they're working!

From what I've seen trying to read other blogs Blogger still has some work to do. They stil load too slowly (or not at all) and the @#%&*! permalinks still don't work on most blogs.

Anyway...my blog is HERE now. It's been working fine for months now. I just realized my last post here was rather gloomy. I should have put something else up a long time ago letting people know the move was finally successful.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Comments are back so go ahead....comment!

Still nothing new on my MT problem so I have been looking around for something else. I will problably set up a test blog later today. Stay tuned.

Art in the 1930's

Friedrich at Two Blowhards has posted several examples of paintings from the 1930s. My favorites are the first abstract painting and both of the two landscapes.

Monday, March 24, 2003
Abandon all hope?

In case anyone finds their way here. Yes the new Reflections in D minor bit the dust after less than a week. After both Moveable Type and pMachine and now a hand coded blog have all three crapped out I think it should be fairly obvious that there is a problem with the server. Feature Price Hosting will not admit that there is a problem at all. I have submitted a total of 10 separate trouble tickets so far and every one has been closed with a note saying that my site is up and running. Well, my links page, my about page and my women bloggers page are all still okay so I guess they think if any page appears normal the whole site can be considered "up and running." All I know to do is to keep harrassing them. I really miss blogging and there is so much I want to say right now but I don't want to keep on leading my few readers back and forth from one page to another so I probably won't be posting here or anywhere. I don't know how long it will be before I have a permanent blog but if anyone wants to be notified please email me and I'll put you on a list.

My sincerest apologies and my thanks for your loyalty and patience. I hope this will be resolved and that I still have a few readers left when it's over.

Update: I am continuing to submit trouble tickets as fast as Feature Price's help desk can close them but this could continue indefinitely. I tried calling them on the phone and they hung up on me twice. The third time I called I got some stupid recorded message saying that I had dialed "too many numbers or not enough". What the hell? In case anyone reading this lives in the Ft. Myers Florida area and likes me well enough to give them some grief, their phone number is (239) 622-0000, and their address is 1516 Jackson Street, Ft. Myers FL 33901.

Update #2: There is actually some progress to report this morning! FP help desk responded to my last trouble ticket with their usual "We uploaded a test page and it worked just fine" so I tried uploading my page again just to check and see what would happen and it actually did upload this time BUT the beginning of the last entry is missing. Also the page where the old MT blog was is now completely blank.

Update #3: Well...it seems to be working now. I'm a little afraid to start again and I still wish I could get Moveable Type working again. I think archiving is going to be a big problem. I haven't figured out how to get permalinks to work permanently.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Official Move Announcement

The new Reflections in d minor is now officially open.Yay! I feel like celebrating. If I get over 100 visits on opening day I will really feel like celebrating. Come on and make it happen.